Help Sustain Waterville Area Soup Kitchen

Waterville Area Soup Kitchen is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, making your donation tax deductable to the fullest extend of the law.

We aim to end hunger and food insecurities for people and families in the greater Waterville area by providing delicious, nutritous meals and by helping our guests get connected to programs and resources to address the root causes of hunger/food insecurity.

Your donation of:

~ $50 monthly allows us to provide a hot meal for one guest for a whole year!

~ $100 one-time will provide 40 meals for those in need!

~ $50 one-time or monthly allows us to prepare 20 meals for our guests!

EVERY donation makes a difference, no matter the amount, and we fully appreciate each and every one!!

Matching Gift

Many companies offer a Matching Gift Program to encourage charitable giving. Check with your employer before donating. If your company offers one, you can double your donation!

Join Our $100 Club

The above amounts do not cover our yearly operating expenses (about $180,000 as of early 2024). For this we created the $100 Club in February 2024. We are looking for 1,800 new members who are willing to donate $100 (that's only 27¢ a day for one year).

As of early May 2024 we have a little over 300 members. Help us reach our goal, become a member today!

Many, many thanks to those who have contributed, to date, to this campaign. And special thanks to those who have agreed to match donations. Each of the following has offered to match ten $100. donations.

Bruce and Doreen White
Colby College
Eaton Peabody Foundation
Central Maine Power
Central Maine Motors Auto Group
Mitchell, Tardy and Jackson
An Anonymous Donor


Let's fight hunger/food insecurity together! Together we can make a difference!


Thank you!

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